BAFISA delegation held exchange meeting with DG of WTO; Bangladesh Secretariat, Ministry of Commerce, Dhaka 10/11/2022

Held on last 10/11/2022 Thursday 11:30 AM: In the presence of Honorable DG of World Trade Organization and two other Assistant Director General led by Honorable President of BAFISA meeting of a delegation of members was held in the conference lounge of the Ministry of Commerce of the Secretariat in Bangladesh. It is noted that the former administrator and deputy director of BAFISA, Mr. Sharif Raihan Kabir of the Ministry of Commerce was also present there.

Honorable President Mr. Md. Borhan E Sultan on behalf of BAFISA expressed his gratitude and appreciation to the concerned authorities including the Honorable Administrator for conducting an election (2022-24).

All the members present at the institute had a long discussion on cooperation on matters of mutual interest. And there is a discussion to take the initiative to develop local market by cultivating the imported and marketed varieties of foreign products and making them exportable on the country's soil through domestic research. The concerned authorities also assured cooperation in solving the bureaucratic complications of the country. A more fruitful discussion in the future has also been mentioned.

The photo shows the members present.
-according to writing,
Office Secretary, BAFISA

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