Introduction to Bangladesh foodstuff importers and suppliers association (BAFISA)

The Bangladesh foodstuff importers and suppliers association (BAFISA) was founded 1994 in by a group of Bangladeshi food businessmen. The purpose of setting up the BAFISA was to promote imports opportunities and co-operation between importers and suppliers in the Bangladesh.The association offers a wide range of services to between importers and suppliers. Already involved in or planning to become a part of a long-standing bilateral relationship. The association includes the provision of business information and research, seminars and workshops, cultural advice and networking opportunities.The association works in close co-operation with Bangladesh food business specialized agencies, Bangladesh ministry of commerce, ., Industry and other local food importers businessman.

The Bangladesh foodstuff importers and suppliers association (BAFISA was set up as a foodstuff importers group in December 1994, aiming to:

  • Promote, protect and strengthen commerce between importers and suppliers in
  • Promote investment, joint ventures, research and development in between both parties;

BAFISA is a not for profit membership organization which utilizes the membership fees and other income to support Bangladeshi food importers Businesses. BAFISA has a dedicated Board of volunteer Directors and a small team of officers who have worked hard to make BAFISA a successfully association. As economic conditions, trends in the business landscape and customer expectations change we will support the success of businesses across the Bangladesh.

Bafisa at a glance

Bangladesh Foodstuff Importers and Suppliers Association (BAFISA) is nationally known as the only food importer and supplier organization in Bangladesh. Which is an organization registered by the Ministry of Commerce and RJSC of the Government of Bangladesh. It is an A-Class category association and we are the top organization of businessmen in Bangladesh And Bangladesh Industries and Merchants Association; Member of Federation of Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FBCCI).

The main objective of this association is to bring together all the traders including the importers and suppliers of different products of Bangladesh to work for the development of the overall business. And to abide by all the laws and regulations declared by the government of the country and to work in collaboration with the concerned BSTI including the Consumer Rights and Safe Food Authority. If necessary, the business interests are protected and everyone is determined to work together to deal with any emergent situation.

What is Association & Why

Association is the association of some organized people with the goal of achieving a specific goal.Let’s not know, those who do business, such as some importers, some suppliers who run their business for a long time and the unity that is formed for the business community in the interest of enhancing mutual trust between them is collectively called association.

Certificate of Incorportio(under Act XVIIIof 1994)No. To-987/2019

I hereby certify that BANGLASESH FOODSTUFF
day incorporated under the companies Act(Act
XVIII) of 1994 and that the company is Limited.
Given under my hand at DHAKA this Twenty-
sixth day of May two thousand and nineteen.

By order of Registrar

Assistant Registrar
Registrar of joint stock Companies
& Firms Bangladesh